Your COVID-19 vaccination registration on Bonaire

Bonaire has started to vaccinate its residents for COVID-19. All residents of Bonaire who are 12 years and older may be vaccinated. You must register by completing the form below.

After completing the form you must press the ‘send’ button:

  • In most cases your browser will generate a pdf that you should retain.
  • You will receive an email with a copy of the data you have entered. You should retain this email.
  • You will receive the health check form via email. You must print this form and fill it out. You must bring the completed health check form with you to the inoculation location. Should you not succeed to print out the form, then it will be possible to complete the health declaration when you come to get your inoculation.
  • If you do not enter an email address you will not receive an email response.

If you enter an email address, you will receive a message from us within five working days with the date of your vaccination appointment. If you do not enter an email address, we will contact you within five working days on the phone number you have entered and we will inform you of your vaccination appointment.

Please bring the completed health check form with you to your vaccination appointment. If you have any COVID-19 related symptoms on the day of your vaccination appointment, stay at home and call 0800 – 0900 for consultation.

*If you are not registered on the island, or have not yet received an ID number, you will most likely still be eligible for vaccination. In which case please enter your passport number.

Your COVID-19 vaccination registration
Enter the ID number without the dots between the numbers
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I hereby give my consent for my data to be shared with the family doctor.
I hereby declare that all the data I have given is true and that I have not omitted any important information.